Softub Reviews [2022 Update] Cost, Models & Ratings (2024)

Softub Reviews [2022 Update] Cost, Models & Ratings (1)

Softub brand hot tubs are very distinct, allowing them to stand out from the crowd of other spa manufacturers. Does this make them better or worse?

The unusual features of a Softub, from the foam-filled construction for which they're named, to the external HydroMate motor unit, call for closer inspection.

In this review, I'll explain both the positive aspects as well as the drawbacks of this unique American-made product, in addition to a rundown of the best models that Softub offers.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Our Top Choices For Softub

Softub Reviews [2022 Update] Cost, Models & Ratings (2)

1. Portico 300

  • Seating for 5 to 6 adults
  • 6 standard jet plus 1 Poseidon jet
  • HydroMate motor unit, heat exchanger, jet & temperature control
  • Best spa performance

Softub Reviews [2022 Update] Cost, Models & Ratings (3)

2. Legend 220

  • Seating for 3 to 4 adults
  • 5 jets
  • LED lights, only 80 gallon water capacity, optional Ozonator
  • Most popular spa

Softub Reviews [2022 Update] Cost, Models & Ratings (4)

3. Sportster 140

  • Seating for 1 to 2 adults
  • 4 jets
  • Only weighs 50lbs dry, cheap to run, lockable bi-fold lid
  • Best smaller spa

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Price Guide: How Much Does A Softub Hot Tub Cost?

A Softub brand spa could cost you significantly less than other hot tubs. Even at the upper end of the range, a Portico hot tub with all the added extras (wood deck, split cover, neck pillows, Trident diverter, drinks trays, etc.) won't break $9000, with the standard model coming in at a little over $6000.

If you're looking toward the middle of the range, a Softub 300 series hot tub will set you back around $5400, while the slightly smaller 220 model is a bargain in the $4700 ballpark. If you're shorter on space or budget a two-person Sportster 140 spa costs under $4000, although you can spend a bit more depending on what extras or accessories you are after.

All of these prices are approximate since the Softub company does not sell hot tubs direct to the customer. The exact amount you end up paying to purchase a Sotfub will depend on your location and the offers available through your nearest dealer.

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Most Popular Softub Hot Tub Models

1 - Best Spa Performance - Portico 300

The 6-seater Softub Portico 300 uses the same basic design as the slightly cheaper Resort 300 line.

Like all Softubs, it features a polypropylene foam frame covered in a choice of the original vinyl (Leathertex) used in older models or an updated Syntex skin.

This construction provides a soft, super comfortable feel when sitting in the hot tub.

It really is an added luxury compared to hard-shell spas.

Specifications And Features

Softub hot tubs use a separate HydroMate unit containing the motor, heat exchanger (used instead of a traditional water heater), jet and temperature controls, etc. instead of a built-in system. In the case of the Portico, this is used to power 6 standard jets and one turbo Poseidon jet, which delivers a more powerful hydrotherapy experience than the other spas in the Softub range. For the most intense pressure, all the jet power can be diverted to the Poseidon jet.

If you're looking at a Softub, I'd also recommend springing for the optional Ozonator unit. This helps maintain good water chemistry, reducing the need for chemicals and water waste. Along with the five-year warranty, it's a great way to lower your overall maintenance costs.

Design And Accessories

Style-wise, the range of color finishes for the outer, combined with the options for wooden or rattan surrounds, means a Softub will look absolutely wonderful in almost any setting. With space to entertain and extra seating incorporated into some of the surrounds, their premium model is sure to add some wow factor to your house and garden. Meanwhile, the Portico 300 really comes to life at night with its stunning multicolored LED lighting display.

You can also add other useful and attractive accessories such as neck pillows and drinks trays which fit over the edge of the tub itself so you can enjoy refreshments while you sit and soak.

2 - Most Popular - Legend 220

Sitting in the middle of the price range but with most of the same features as the larger Softub 300 options, the 4-person Legend 200 is Softub's best seller.

It's not hard to see why, with customer reviews saying people can't believe how great a tub it is for the money.

Specifications And Features

Powered by the same HydroMate motor system as the more expensive units, the Legend 220 features five adjustable hydrotherapy jets and LED light therapy.

Not having the Poseidon jet does limit the intensity of the massage settings, so this model is definitely more suitable for relaxation than deep tissue hydrotherapy.

Despite only being 6' wide, there is space for four to sit comfortably. This makes it the perfect Softub for a family who love to enjoy the heat together at night or in the winter. Being slightly smaller also means the Legend 220 takes around 80gallons less water to fill, which is worth considering if you live in an area where restrictions are imposed.

Design And Accessories

Although there is a more limited choice in steppers and surrounds for the Legend 220 than the larger Softub 300 line, you can still find attractive and functional options to customize your hot tub. Extras such as the neck pillows and drinks trays aren't model-specific either, so you can add these to any spa made by the company.

3 - Smaller Hot Tub - Sportster 140

The 2-person Sportster 140 is the smallest hot tub produced by the Softub company. At just 5' diameter and 50lbs dry weight, it's as portable as it is cozy. Couples or anyone with a smaller patio/yard space will love the comfort and convenience of this low-maintenance soft hot tub.

Specifications And Features

Despite being smaller and cheaper, the Sportster 140 still runs on a standard HydroMate.

This allows the motor to provide plenty of power to the 4 jets, while the exchanger keeps the temperature nice and toasty. Sit in this hot tub and you'll discover a simple but highly pleasant experience.

As with all Softub hot tub models, the Sportster 140 comes with a lockable bi-fold lid and the option of an Ozonator to help keep the water sparkly clean. You are also covered by the same warranty terms as the larger units.


Most of the wooden surrounds offered by the company are only suitable for their larger models. That said, there are a couple of very nice stepper accessories which look great and make getting into and out of a Sportster 140 tub much easier. Add a couple of neck pillows and a drinks tray, and you've got the perfect setting for a romantic backyard picnic.



78” Outer

65” inner

72” Outer

60” Inner

60” Outer

50” Inner

Capacity (Adults)





6 Standard


1 Poseidon




Choice of Steppers/Surrounds

Trident Diverter

Multi-color LED Lighting

Optional Ozonator

Choice of Steppers/Surrounds

Optional Ozonator

Choice of Steppers

Optional Ozonator

Best For

Spa Performance

Most Popular

Smaller Spaces

Pros & Cons


  • Good value
  • Easy to install without major site preparation
  • Standard mains electricity operation
  • Soft seating and headrests
  • Energy efficiency
  • Excellent customer service


  • Fewer jets than luxury hot tubs
  • Difficulty sourcing replacement HydroMate units in some areas
  • Less durable than a traditional hot tub

How Do Softub Spas Stack Up Against The Competition?

Softub Hot Tubs Vs. Inflatable Hot Tubs

When you first see or even feel a Softub, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was inflatable. Surprisingly, Softub hot tubs do not inflate and there are some key differences between the two.

The polypropylene and Leathertex/Syntex used in Softubs are much higher quality materials than the nylon used in most of their inflatable counterparts. This is reflected in the five-year warranty, which is longer than most inflatable brand tubs are expected to last. Not being prone to puncturing, you are much less likely to need to repair a Softub due to accidental damage. They also last longer, especially in cold winter or direct sunlight conditions.

Of course, quality comes at a price and if you are on a very tight budget a cheaper inflatable hot tub may be the more comfortable purchase. Think carefully though, as the maintenance/repair/replacement of inflatable hot tubs may mean you end up spending more money in the long run.

Softub Hot Tubs Vs. Traditional Hot Tubs

Compared to most rigid spas, a Softub is also a very energy-efficient hot tub option. One reason for this is they don't use a heater and separate motor unit. Instead, a heat exchanger cools the motor whilst using the excess heat to warm the water to the desired temperature.

Another advantage of a Softub is the ease of installation. Since Softub spas are plug-and-play, they only require a level surface with access to a standard mains electricity socket and a water supply (e.g. garden hose). Despite being powered by a standard outlet, they don't compromise on electrical safety, featuring a Ground Fault Indicator and a Smart chip that automatically adjusts settings following a power surge or outage.

As to the disadvantages, the most obvious is that modern rigid hot tubs come with significantly more hydrotherapy jets. A Softub is a great place to relax but if you want/need serious hydrotherapy massage features (and have sufficient budget to pay for them) there are better options available.

The other downside of a Softub hot tub is durability. The comfort and simplicity of Softub's construction do mean they won't last as long as a hard-shelled tub, especially in harsh environments. There is a tendency for the interior skin of older models to develop large ridges, which customer reviews say impact comfort. However, newer materials such as Syntex help reduce this effect.

The Final Verdict

As you can see from this review, a Softub hot tub is a great product with wonderful features. Whether it's the best possible choice for a particular customer does depend on factors such as house location, budget, and the reasons you are buying a hot tub in the first place.

A Softub hot tub is certainly not a bad choice. Whether it's the perfect selection for you depends on your personal preferences.

To get a full scope of the market before making the big decision, visit our Best Hot Tub Brands page.

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Softub Reviews [2022 Update] Cost, Models & Ratings (2024)
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