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The most common problems people experience with their Softub are stains inside the tub, crinkles or sloping on the floor, air loss, and leaking. Other technical issues can also crop up, such as the tub turning on and off, the control panel not working, the jets not turning on, and the motor failing to run.

This article will explore the common problems you might experience with a Softub and will provide fixes for each of them. I’ll also share some of my other resources for more specific issues (technical, etc.).

Internal Staining

One of the most common issues I’ve heard of and read about is staining on the internal lining of the Softub. This isn’t an issue that is going to cause any harm other than looking a little unpleasant.

Staining usually occurs after a few years of repeated use. It is also something people notice if they’ve bought their Softub secondhand or have inherited it from the previous owner of a home they’ve purchased.

How to Remove Staining

The best way to try and remove stains is by giving the tub a good scrub and wipe down. I’ve seen people get stains off with washing and dishwasher tablets off before pretty quickly. However, the best way is to use white vinegar, which charges the particles in the stain and makes them easier to remove. Plus, it’s very cheap.

However, sometimes a stain is a stain and no matter what you do, you can’t get it out. There are stories out there of people scrubbing endlessly to no avail. So, sometimes, you might just have to stick with it.

Wrinkled Floor

Another common problem is the Softub having a wrinkled floor. Again, this sometimes happens with older, secondhand Softubs. However, you can also get creases and wrinkles in new Softubs as well.

Creasing also usually occurs if the Softub was placed on an uneven base (grass) during installation.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

How to Fix a Wrinkled Floor

You can try reducing the creasing and wrinkles with a foam floor protector or a supportive base. These can be placed under the tub and allow the tub to properly expand when filled and heated.

Another method you could try is adding an inch or two of water to the tub and then using your bare feet to level out the wrinkles. Simply try and pull the wrinkles apart, starting from the middle and working to the outer rim.

Aside from those techniques, sometimes waiting is the best solution. Over time with repeated use, the Softub should expand anyway and fix the creases on its own.

The wrinkles won’t impact the tub’s performance so they’re nothing to worry about. They can just be a bit of an eyesore!

Tub Floor Slopes

The Softub floor is prone to sloping or slanting. This can be a common problem, especially if the hot tub wasn’t set up on a foam base or level floor. These slopes are usually small, but they can be extreme in some cases.

Slanting on the tub floor can also be caused by excessive loading. If too many people are in the tub at once and are in for a prolonged period of time, the floor can start to slope. This can also occur if large, heavy objects are brought into the tub.

How to Fix a Sloping Softub Floor

If the sloping floor is a result of an uneven base or levelling issues, simply moving the tub to a sturdier location will tend to fix the issue. Alternatively, you can buy a foam floor protector to help keep it level.

If the sloping has been caused by excessive load, the simplest way to fix it is by adding an additional ballast to that side of the Softub to counteract the effect of water displacement.

Air Loss

Air loss is sometimes reported to be an issue with Softubs but, for the majority of cases, the loss of air is actually part of the system.

When you turn on the Softub, the pressure gauge will need to reach 1 ATM, and it can sometimes take a while to do this. After a few days (4-5), the pressure will go down. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Air naturally escapes through the tub’s overflow.

If it gets too low, the Softub will top itself up or you can do it manually.


Softubs can also leak from time to time, especially from their pipes and plumbing. However, I have seen a Softub leaking from the tub itself.

Sometimes, the leaks are just the result of a few loose bolts or clamps that you can tighten yourself. Other times, you might have to call your dealer and get a service.

How to Fix a Leaking Softub

Leaks can occur in the motor unit where it attaches to the tub. The water found here is called “casual moisture” and results from condensation. Usually, you’ll just need to give this a dry and check if the hose clamps are tight. If they are, you’re good to go.

However, if you find the motor is leaking or the tub is leaking from this area, you’ll need to take it in for a service.

Leaks can also occur from cracked pipes. This usually happens when a Softub has been left full over winter and the pipes have frozen and cracked. Even if the crack is tiny, it can still cause problems.

If this is the case, you’ll need to talk to your dealer for a service or replacement.

Technical Problems

As well as the more basic issues associated with plumbing and the tub’s floor, there are also various technical issues I’ve seen crop up with Softubs. I’ll detail them below and provide solutions where I can (as well as some additional external resources).

The Tub Keeps Turning On and Off

A classic problem owners report is the Softub continuously switching on and off. If this is happening, it could be the result of either normal functioning or a host of other potential issues going on.

If you’re lucky, this could be the result of normal functioning. Some owners mistake the ozone-adding process for a problem. The tub naturally adds ozone during heat calls and filter cycles. During this process, the air control can turn on and off.

If the cycles of on and off are more sporadic or shorter, it could be the result of something more sinister.

If your pump is turning off and on in short cycles, it could be the result of a circuit board or relay error (sometimes both!). If this is the case, you’ll need to take it to the dealer for service.

If the tub’s pump is playing up by running for a few seconds and then turning off and on again once the tub reaches a certain temperature, the issue could be because of one of three things: the temperature sensor is broken, the pump is faulty, or you have low power flowing to the Softub.

If it’s the sensor or pump, you’ll have to get a replacement. Most dealers will be happy to send one out, especially if you just bought the tub.

If it’s the result of a low power supply, make sure the Softub is plugged into a socket that produces the required output. For peace of mind, it’s better to have a 20-amp GFI outlet installed within 10ft of the tub.

The Control Panel Stops Working

Another common technical problem I’ve come across is the Softub control panel not working. By this, owners are either talking about the LED display, the temperature buttons not working, or the power light.

The most common reason for a faulty control panel is the power supply. For the majority of the time, the ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) could be at fault by either tripping or not receiving enough electricity.

To fix it, go to the GFCI and press the reset button, followed by the test button. Return to the control panel to see if it’s working. If not, you may need to plug the tub into a different socket. Remember, the Softub needs an isolated power supply of at least 15amps.

If the issue, however, is to do with the temperature buttons, or the power light, or if the display won’t fix following a GFCI reset, you may need to take the tub in for a service.

Jets Stop Working or are Malfunctioning

The jets can cause a whole host of issues and a lot of the technical problems people face are in regard to the jets. They can malfunction by either not activating, losing power while operating, producing weak flows, not all operating at once, or the operator can’t shut off the air.

Jets Won’t Activate

If the jets aren’t activating, there is either a problem with the voltage supply or a mechanical problem with the GFCI or motor.

To solve this problem, first, check the LED temperature display to see if it’s on. If it is, great, if not, check the power supply (as mentioned above) or get a service.

In the event it’s on, press the JETS button. If the motor comes on, the tub has reached the right temperature and you just had to wait for it to do so. Sometimes you have to be patient!

However, if the motor doesn’t come on, increase the temperature to 104 degrees. If the heating light comes on but the jets are still not running, unplug for a few hours and then repeat the steps. If still, nothing happens, you’ll have to take the tub for a service.

Jets are Weak

If you find your Softub jets are weaker than they should be, there could be air or some other solid obstruction in the plumbing. It’s very likely to be air if the tub was just filled as well.

To solve this, make sure the jets are turned on and the water height is at least 2 inches above the highest jet. Then, verify there’s nothing blocking the suction inlets. Finally, once you’ve checked everything, turn the jets on and off several times to clear any air.

This should remove any issues and your jets should now be blowing at the right strength. If they’re not, you may need to call your dealer.

Jets Lost Power Whilst Operating

If the jets suddenly lost power while operating, there is likely an obstruction in the pipes or motor.

To solve this, remove and inspect the filter and check the suction inlets for any debris or coverings. If these are fine, it’s time to get stuck.

Turn the tub off and unplug, drain it, disconnect the hoses, and separate the motor from the tub. Now, stick your head in and see if there is any debris (hair, leaves, etc,) stuck in the plumbing. Give the motor a good rinse as well with a garden hose by sticking the hose in the top connector of the motor. After, resemble and see if the jets are working.

If they’re not, it could be a pump issue. In this case, you’ll need to contact your dealer for service.

Jets Won’t Turn Off

If you’re unable to shut off the air to the jet, it is likely to be a problem with the control valve not being fully shut. To solve this, simply turn the air control on and off a few times. If this doesn’t do the job, you might need to contact your dealer.

One of the Jets has Lost Power

If just one of the jets (or a few) has stopped working, there is likely an obstruction in the jet(s). To solve this, inspect the jet and remove any debris or blockage. Clean it out if you need to. If the problem still persists, get in touch with the dealer.

Softub Won’t Heat Up

One problem some people have with their Softub is heating issues. Sometimes, the tub won’t heat up or won’t heat up quickly enough.

If this is happening to you, the likely scenario is the tub isn’t in the right environment to be heated correctly.

To solve this, turn off the air control valves so there are no bubbles. Then, place the lid on top to trap heat – this will help the tub heat faster. Set the temperature to 104 degrees and allow the motor to cycle until the thermostat control shuts off. Once complete, your tub should be properly heated.

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Common Softub Problems Explained (With Solutions) | TPG (2024)
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