This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of cryopreservation by vitrification. The workshop includes in-depth theoretical lectures given by senior clinicians as well hands-on sessions under the expert supervision of experienced embryologists and lab technicians. This workshop is limited to 4 participants to guarantee sufficient practice time and one-on-one teaching for each participant.

Day 1

Morning programme:

  • Principles of cryopreservation
    • History
    • Slow freezing
    • Vitrification
    • Devices
    • Storage
    • Safety
  • Clinical session on vitrification
  • Hands-on session 1

Afternoon programme:

  • Hands-on session 2
  • Trouble shooting: Q&A

Day 2

Morning programme:

  • Hands-on session 3
  • Guided CRG Lab tour
  • Q&A and closing session

Course fee: € 1975 
Fees include lunch and refreshments for 2 days, certificate of attendance, USB key with all presentations, guided lab visit.