Previous Contest Winners (2024)

Previous Contest Winners (1)

Updated Contest Winners List:

Ended 4/10/21 -Missouri Lottery Wheel of Fortune Contest- Marie D., James N., Bob K.

Ended 4/19/21 -Silver Dollar City 2021 Dream Job Adventure Contest- Robert M.

Ended 5/5/21 -2021 Corndog Kickoff Sweepstakes- Kevin C.

Ended 5/30/21 -Clay Cooper Branson Weekend Giveaway- Pamala B.

Ended 5/31/21 -2021 Bass Pro Shops - Fish Like a Bass Pro Contest- Lacy Y.

Ended 6/10/21 -The KY3 Garth Brooks Stadium Tour Giveaway- Crystal L., Jennifer J.

Ended 6/18/21 -Downstream Casino Resort Brad Paisley Tickets Giveaway- Chad H., Ashley D., Bonnie P., Bonnie T., Chris Knisley

Ended 7/7/21 -Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau Summer Giveaway- Tim S.

Ended 7/26/21 -2021 Ozark Empire Fair Giveaway- Tina G., Anna M., Gary J., Debra W., Kendra B., Joanita L., Hannah H., Allen F., Cheryl R.

Ended 8/8/21 -Downstream Casino Sam Hunt Tickets Giveaway- Deena J., Diana G., Tawnya E., Ann C., Greg L.

Ended 8/23/21 -Downstream Casino Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters Tickets Giveaway- Angela N., Kim R., Robert M., Jeremy D., Linda R.

Ended 8/29/21 -All Things Culinary Sweepstakes- Ashley C., Robert R., Helen F., Karol G., David K., Sandy K., Lisa L., Karen M., Helen C., Bev D., Cindy H., Gary L.,

Donna H., Kallie K., Shirly W., Kathryn W., Sabrina W., Michelle H., LaDonna Kelly, Pam H., Victoria C., Robert P., Cassandra C., Nancy K., Kris C., Elizabeth B., Ellen D.,

Victoria C.,Brooke M., Starla B., Teresa J., Sharon K., Tonya S., Terry S., Rosalie V., Shelley J., Bob T., Leslie W., Wendy I., Robert M., Stephanie W., Robert M., Katie K.,

Sandra B., Marti R., Kathy D., Diane S., Tara M., Chad P., Cindy S., Suzy S., Charley W.

Ended 9/5/21 -The Grill Guys Labor Day Giveaway- Dee B.

Ended 10/17/21 - Ozarks Big Bite Sweepstakes- Leslea C., Gerald N., Loretta B., Ed Z., Michael A., Glenn W., Ken K., Nancy E., Audrey D., Gavin J., Shelly W., Brook H.,

Brenda G., Linda D., Kathleen H., Cassandra C., Don R., Debra R., Sandra B., Yasmin P., Kelly H., Billie S., Tracy J., Alex B., Anita B., Carol B., Peggy M., Robert R., Norman M.,

Ben A., Randy W., Shawn P., Martha T., Shelly W., Billie S., Jenny P., Mary B., Cindy F., Carol P., Jim T., Letitia Y., Mike M., Sheryl J., Carol S., Addy B., Catherine J., Melissa H.,

Albert F., Rodney A.

Ended 10/22/21 -Time Warp - 50 Years of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils Giveaway- Timmy C., Tawnya E., Jeri M.

Ended 1/28/22 -JoJo Siwa Ticket Giveaway- Charlina A., Crystale V., Denise S., Kathy H., Patricia C.

Ended 2/10/22 -Silver Dollar City Dream Job Adventure Giveaway- Shirley W.

Ended 2/16/22 -Shrine Circus VIP Giveaway- Tina G.

Ended 3/23/22 -Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express- Earlene B.

Ended 3/23/22 -Juanita K. Hammons Hall 30thAnniversary Contest- Clif., Debbie N., Ricky.

Ended 4/6/22 - SLT Percy Jackson Ticket Giveaway- Avery T.

Ended 4/9/22 - KY3 Bracket Challenge- Tyler P., Marlon G., Missy S.

Ended 5/31/22 -Bass Pro Fish Like a Bass Pro Contest- Joe J.,

Ended 5/20/22 -Nurses Month Sweepstakes- Courtney B., Kennon W., Shawnda E., Tammy B.

Ended 5/30/22 -Know Your Beef Contest- Diana M.

Ended 6/7/22 -SLT SpongeBob Giveaway- Sa O., Tammy H.

Ended 7/19/22 -Cornerstone Fine Jewlery Celebrate Every Milestone Sweepstakes- Amanda L., Rachel E., Mary W., Harleigh C., Bethany D., Amanda T., Carol N., Elizabeth B., Jackie B., Lonnie R.

Cath C., Michael C., Connie B., Jackie B., Lanell D., Mona P.

Ended 7/18/20 - 2020 Ozark Empire Fair Sweepstakes - Megan F., Cheryl M, Jeremy J, Dwight N, Gena K, Carrol L, Allison M, Megan G, Lelia B, Curtis B, Katie S, Christina W, Randy S, Lee W, Paul T.

Ended 12/23/20 - December Know Your Beef Contest - Christa C, Pete T.

Ended 1/18/21 - January Know Your Beef Contest - Willa E.

Ended 2/6/21 - February Know Your Beef Contest - Abbey F.

Ended 4/5/21 - March Know Your Beef Contest - Julie C.

Ended 04/10/21 - Missouri Lottery Wheel of Fortune Contest - Bob K.

Ended 4/19/21 - 2021 Silver Dollar City Dream Job Adventure Contest - Robert M.

Ended 5/5/21 - 2021 Corndog Kickoff Sweepstakes - Kevin C.

Ended 5/28/21 - May Know Your Beef Contest - Darin F.

Ended 5/30/21 - Clay Cooper Branson Weekend Giveaway - Pamala B.

Ended 5/31/21 - 2021 Fish Like a Bass Pro Contest - Lacy Y.

Ended 5/31/2020 - Bass Pro Shops: Fish Like a Bass Pro Contest Winner - Heather N.

Ended 5/29/2020 - Know Your Beef Quiz/Contest Winners - Lea N., Kim F.

Ended 5/29/2020 - Sun Solar Sweepstakes 2020 Winner - Anita O.

Ended 2/9/2020 - The 2020 Kansas City Arts Experience Giveaway Winner - Al P.

Ended 2/5/2020 - The Carden Circus Spectacular Winner - Jana M.

Ended 1/30/2020 - Beer Wine Cheese and Chocolate Festival Contest 2020 Winner - Joyce K.

Ended 1/23/2020 - Harlem Globetrotter Contest 2020 Winner - Ashley H.

Ended 12/31/19 - Summer Solar Free energy sweepstakes Winner - Kevin D.

Ended 12/23/19 - Theta Float Spa - Self Care Sweepstakes Winner - Beth W.

Ended 11/23/19 - First Snowfall Contest 2019 Contest Winner - Lorie M.

Ended 11/1/19 - Island Green Free Golf Membership Contest Winner - Michael C.

Ended 10/31/19 - Air Services/All Service Contest Winner - Melanie B.

Ended 10/28/19 - Trick or Sweet Contest Giveaway Winner - Tim M.

Ended 10/21/19 - SDC Fall of Family Fun Contest Winner - Shaelynn W.

Ended 9/30/19 - Kansas Speedway Trivia Contest Winner - Terry M.

Ended 9/8/19 - PBR-PFI World Finals Giveaway Winner - Ashley B.

Ended 7/26/29 - KY3's 66th Anniversary Corvette Giveaway on Route 66 Winner - Steve D.

Ended 7/5/19 - SDC Swashbuckling Adventure Giveaway Winner - Brandon P.

Ended 6/12/19 - Kids Monster Truck Challenge Winner- Marcia H.

Ended 5/31/19 - Bach Medical Mobility Scooter Giveaway Winner- Kathrine W.

Ended 5/19/19 - Hardees Save the Veggies Giveaway Winner- Terry S.

Ended 5/18/19 - Mid America Street Rod Nationals Winner - Mike F.

Ended 4/18/19 - Rock 'n Ribs Giveaway Winners- Wayne T.; Dakota R.; Charlot G.

Ended 3/31/19 - Clay Cooper 2019 Season Kickoff Winner- Teresa G.

Ended 3/30/19 - Grips Golf 10th Anniversary Giveaway Winner: Mark T.

Ended 2/13/19 - Can You Feel The Love Giveaway Winner: Kelly R.

Ended 1/29/19 - Carden International Circus Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Wendy S.

Ended 1/28/19 - Beer Wine Cheese Chocolate Festival Contest Grand Prize Winner: Tandra R.

Ended 1/27/19 - Junior Globetrotter Giveaway 2019 Grand Prize Winners: Toni H. & Paige R.

Ended 12/21/18 - KY3 Christmas Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Deanna A.

Ended 12/16/18 - Maaco Ugly Vehicle Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner: Kevin D.

Ended 11/26/18 - Springfield Pool & Spa Hot Tub Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Robin K.

Ended 11/12/18 - First Snowfall of the Year Contest, sponsored by Honda of the Ozarks Grand Prize Winner: Bob J.

Ended 11/10/18 - Sun Solar Fall into Savings Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Tracie G.

Ended 10/21/18 - Subway's Standout Coach Contest Winner: Adam M.

Ended 10/7/18 - Greater Kansas City Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Gary G.

Ended 9/5/18 - PBR World Finals Giveaway 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Melinda H.

Ended 9/3/18-Back to School Photo Contest 2018 Winners: 1st Place: Bethany A.; 2nd Place: Mercedes R.; 3rd Place: Khaylee W.

Ended 7/19/18: Ozark Empire Fair GO WILD Sweepstakes Winners: Donna C.; Roberta B.; Amanda D.; Toni M.; April G.; Jenny P.; Ashley B.; Dawna C.; Michelle T.; Tonya H.; Sharon M.; Kerri S.; Robert S.; Lyle M.; and Dawson M.

Ended 7/5/18: Crescent Park Giveaway Winner: Elaine H.

Ended 7/2/18: Fireworks Supermarket Giveaway Winner: Drew W.

Ended 6/14/18: Father's Day Giveaway 2018 Winners: Suzi H.; LaChrisha R.; and Kristy W.

Ended 6/12/18: Outlaw Nationals Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Misty H.

Ended 6/4/18: Marshall Tucker Band Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Cheryl B., 2nd Place: Kim H., 3rd Place: Jerry B.

Ended 5/22/18: Mid-America Street Rod Nationals Contest 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Debbie C.

Ended 5/5/18: Greater KC Attractions Association Summer Giveaway 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Lori L.

Ended 4/25/18: KSPR Idol Sweepstates Grand Prize Winner: Gerri L.

Ended 4/14/18 - Safe and Sound Saturday Home Safety Pop Quiz Winner: Summer S.

Ended 4/12/18 - Rock'n Ribs Giveaway 2018 Winners: Ricky S., Vickie G., Jennifer C., and Joann B.

Ended 4/6/18 - Sun Solar Sweepstakes 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Vivian H.

Ended 4/5/18 - Phantom of the Opera Opening Night Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Michael S.

Ended 3/29/18 - Clay Cooper's Red Hot Sweepstakes 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Nathan M.

Ended 3/19/18 - Ozark Empire PRCA Pro Rodeo Sweepstakes 2018 Grand Prize Winner: Jamie B.

Ended 3/14/18 - Corndog Kickoff 2018 Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner: Stephanie T.

Ended 2/5/18 - Pro Football Pick'em Contest winners: Week 1 - John S.; Week 2 - Steven C.; Week 3 - Marilyn L.; Week 4 - Brian B.; Week 5 - Angie G.; Week 6 - Diane M.; Week 7 - Abby E.; Week 8 - Crystal M.; Week 9 - Judy S.; Week 10 - Timothy S.; Week 11 - Charles C.; Week 12 - Randy H.; Week 13 - Abby E.; Week 14 - Angela G.; Week 15 - Greg T.; Week 16 - Timothy S.; Week 17 - Starr J.; Week 18 - Paul P.; Week 19 - Philip E.; Week 20 - John S.; Week 21 - Marian B.; Grand Prize Winner - Cindy R.

Ended 1/31/18 - George Carden International Circus VIP Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: William P.

Ended 1/28/18 - Beer, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Festival VIP Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Karen B.

Ended 1/5/18 - ATS Heating and Cooling Oldest Furnace Contest Grand Prize Winner: Lindsey L.

Ended 1/12/18 - Harlem Globetrotters Junior Globetrotter Contest Winners: Mary K. and John S.

Ended 12/28/17 - Branson Family Fun Giveaway Winner: Grand Prize: Marcia S.; secondary winner: Bruce B.

Ended 12/22/17 - KY3/KSPR First Snowfall Giveaway Winner: Laura L.

Ended 12/20/17 - Good and Perfect Gifts Glamour Giveaway Winners: Grand Prize: Charlene E.; Secondary winners: Sharon C.; Cheryl V.

Ended 11/9/17 - Diwali Festival Giveaway Winner: Anita U.

Ended 11/1/17 - Dennis Quaid Date Night Giveaway: Grand Prize: Denise C.

Ended 10/31/17 - Howloween Pet Photo Contest: Grand Prize: Lauren C.; Secondary Winners: May D. and Aubrey A.

Ended 10/29/17 - Branson Ferris Wheel Fall Personality Quiz winners: Grand Prize: Shanda C; secondary winners: Scott C. and Karen B.

Ended 10/15/17 - Kansas Speedway Trivia Quiz winner: Ronnie H.

Ended 10/01/17 - Branson Ferris Wheel Trivia Quiz winners: Grand Prize: Kathy J.; secondary winners: Debra V., and Pat S.

Ended 9/19/17 - Street Machine Nationals Giveaway winners: Grand Prize - Beverly W.; Secondary winners - Milburn T., Ron R., Sharmin P., Brian S., Jenny P.

Ended 9/17/17 – Castle Rock Autumn Adventure Giveaway winner: Michelle M.

Ended 9/11/17 – PFI Party in the Parking Lot Contest: Alexis A.

Ended 9/11/17 – Pro Football UPICKEM, Week 1: Ronnie H.

Ended 9/6/17 – PBR World Finals Giveaway: Christina H.

Ended 8/31/17 - Back-to-school giveaway winners: Helena M., Jennifer W., and Heather E.

Ended 7/18/17 - Rocking Branson Giveaway with Raiding the Rock Vault - Winner: Deanna A.

Ended 7/13/17 - Greater Kansas City Attractions Association: Summer Getaway Contest - Winner: Bailey B.

Ended 6/14/17 - Countryside BBQ Pro Shop - Me & My Grill-Friend Photo Contest: 1st Place - Alison S., 2nd Place - Jessica R., 3rd Place - Audrey G.

Ended 6/14/17 - Outlaw Nationals Sweepstakes: Grand Prize Winner -Ginger G.

Ended 6/14/17 - Great American Father's Day Giveaway 2017 - Grand Prize Winner - Jayme K., 1st Runner Up - Jennifer A., 2nd Runner Up - Reta H.

Ended 6/14/17 - Factory Return Outlet Father's Day Quiz Contest - Winner: Amanda N.

Ended 6/14/17 - Loehr Chiropractic Father's Day Quiz Contest - Winner: Patrick N.

Ended 6/14/17 - Team Tools Father’s Day Quiz Contest - Winner: Bethany T.

Previous Contest Winners (2024)
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