20 Weight Watchers Snack Recipes (2024)

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These 20 Weight Watchers snack recipes will help keep you satiated between meals without blowing your diet.

20 Weight Watchers Snack Recipes (1)

Have you resolved to eat healthier? I definitely have.In addition to giving up soda pop (even diet soda!), I have resolved to eat a healthy breakfast and choose healthier snacks.I have always been pretty good about eating healthy dinners…it’s the snacks that get me. Especially if I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch and make a meal of snack food.

I am using a few strategies to eat lower-calorie, healthier snacks. First, I am stocking the house with delicious, low-cal snacks. I am prepping them in advance so that when I am hungry it is easy to make a smart food choice. I have removed the trigger foods from my home like soda which goes well with salty chips. If I don’t have soda in the house to wash down junk food, there are a lot of things, I just won’t eat. Finally, I am not stocking my unhealthy favorites.

My husband and kids do not need to watch their weight, but they are supportive of me. I have created a list of less-than-healthy snack food that they like, but that don’t tempt me, and I stock those snack foods. They do not feel deprived and I don’t give into temptation.

If you are looking for low-point snack ideas, these 20 Weight Watchers snack recipes should give you some inspiration!

20 Weight Watchers Snack Recipes

1. This Orange Creamsicle Treat from Keeping on Point is perfect for when the sweet cravings strike. (1 FreeStyle Point)
2. ThesePeanut Butter Whip Frozen Treatsfrom Midlife Healthy living sound delicious and easy to make! (4 FreeStyle Points)
3. Strawberry Salsa from Simply Nourished Living would be amazing on some cinnamon pita chips! (0 FreeStyle Points)
4. Kristin’s Peppermints and Cherries has a recipe for a perfect crack snack. Try her Chicken Salad! (0 FreeStyle Points)
5. Make some Ranch Chex Mix from Keeping on Point so you have a snack already ready to go anytime! (3 FreeStyle Points)
6. I would love to give thisBuffalo Wing Hummusfrom Emily Bites a try. (1 FreeStyle point)
7. Zucchini Pizza Bitesfrom Skinny Taste are a healthier way to feed that pizza craving! (2 FreeStyle points)
8. No. 2 Pencil has a good snack for those days when you might need something extra. Check out her Protein Fruit and Veggie Bistro Boxes. (0 FreeStyle Points)
9. Try thisHot Spinach and Artichoke Dipfrom Skinny Taste the next time you are looking for a classic snack. (2 FreeStyle Points)
10. Zucchini Chipsfrom Vittles and Bits can literally be seasoned any way you like for a perfect snack no matter your craving! (0 FreeStyle Points)
11. In my Own Style has a granola recipe that is perfect for an extra boost for snack time in the mornings. Check out her No-Fat Granola. (3 FreeStyle Points)
12. TheseSkinny Pizza Logsfrom Emily Bites are so delicious even kids will devour them! (2 FreeStyle Points)
13. These Baked Onion Rings from Keeping on Point will let you indulge in a snacktime favorite. (2 FreeStyle Points)
14. Check out this Brownie Batter Hummus from Slender Kitchen! What an awesome dip for fruit. (0 FreeStyle Points)
15. I can’t wait to try these Two Ingredient Dough Pretzel Bites from Mess for Less. (3 FreeStyle Points)
16. This Margherita Rice Cake Pizza from Weight Watchers looks delicious and easy to make quickly. (3 FreeStyle Points)
17. Try thisSkinny Berry Parfaitw from SkinnyMs when you feel a snack sensation come on for something sweet. (10 FreeStyle Points)
18. This Holy Mess has a wonderful dessert snack that’s fit for one and great when snack time hits. Check out this Banana Souffle.(0 FreeStyle Points)
19. Weight Watchers Pigs in Blankets from Life is Sweeter by Design are right up my alley and kids will love them. (3 FreeStyle Points)
20. You can have your cheesecake and eat it too with theseStrawberry Cheesecake Popsiclesfrom Emily Bites. (1 FreeStyle Point)

What are your favorite Weight Watchers snack recipes?

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What is your favorite Weight Watchers compliant snack?

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20 Weight Watchers Snack Recipes (2024)
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